EPM Deployment Made Easy

Whether you are upgrading an existing environment, migrating from a separate technology, or simply installing Project Server or SharePoint Server for the first time, Project Made Easy has the experience needed to make your transition a successful one..

Our Simple Approach

identify your needs and align the tools and processes to meet those needs. To do this, we begin each engagement by gathering requirements. Our findings allow us to identify your overarching outcomes for the engagement. From these, we work with you to determine technology and process gaps from current state to future state. With a firm understanding of these voids, we outline a structured plan to fill the gaps with the needed combination of process improvements, tool enhancements, and training. After we have determined immediate improvements, we work with your team to deliver the agreed features on time and within budget.

It is this structured approach that allows us to deliver on needs of our clients successfully – regardless of project size or complexity.