EPM Consulting

EPM Consulting Made Easy

Whether you need minor modifications to your existing project and portfolio management systems, want to engage us for an enterprise-wide upgrade, or just need some basic project management training, Project Made Easy can help your team to achieve its project management goals.

Our Simple Approach

identify your needs and align the tools and processes to meet those needs. To do this, we begin each engagement by gathering requirements. Our findings allow us to identify your overarching outcomes for the engagement. From these, we work with you to determine technology and process gaps from current state to future state. With a firm understanding of these voids, we outline a structured plan to fill the gaps with the needed combination of process improvements, tool enhancements, and training. After we have determined immediate improvements, we work with your team to deliver the agreed features on time and within budget.

It is this structured approach that allows us to deliver on needs of our clients successfully – regardless of project size or complexity.

Requirements Gathering

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand needs of our clients and delivering on those needs effectively. Before embarking on any project, Project Made Easy conducts requirements gathering sessions to understand the desired outcomes for the engagement. Rather than simply focusing on system functionality, Project Made Easy also garners an understanding of current processes and potential improvement areas from interviewees. By focusing on current business processes, we ensure that the final product is a step forward from perspective of the user.

Technology Needs Assessment

Many of our clients understand the need for project management improvements, but do not know where to begin. To address this need, Project Made Easy performs technology assessments. These assessments compare your current state to your desired future state and identify any gaps between the two. From here, Project Made Easy delineates how best to address these gaps, giving you a clear roadmap of future system modifications and development.

Business Process Redesign

(a) Often, to get the most from your enterprise project management system you do not need system enhancements, you just need processes that leverage your existing system effectively. Project Made Easy can help you to identify and implement process changes that will transform your project management tool suite from a system to a solution.

(b) Our process redesign methodology begins with an evaluation of your current processes to identify the main areas for improvement. For each of the identified improvement areas, our team of experienced business analysts develops and documents simplified processes that allow your workers to accomplish their business outcomes while reducing the time and effort to do so. Finally, we work with your team to communicate and implement these process changes.

System Deployment

(a) Accelerate your project management system deployment by engaging Project Made Easy to manage the details. We offer planning, installation, configuration, and deployment services for both small- and large-scale initiatives. Our team has performed hundreds of installations and upgrades, as well as multi-system consolidations.

(b) We use standardized processes to guide the deployment process from beginning to end, with minimal impact to your organization. Along with our proven methodology, we employ strict testing processes to validate the success of our work.